Kick start 2018 with our top-notch tips for all wedding business owners

YES, it’s the New Year!

This means endless lists of things to do, setting new years resolutions that last about a week, 2 if you are really lucky, and the whole world suddenly seems to be meditating, life coaching gurus that know exactly what to do in order to create a magical year ahead… Yuck.

We all know the truth, that the year ahead is going to be hard, just like it always is, but what is going to be different is HOW you deal with what is thrown at you, how you react to any struggles and how you choose to share the celebrations of the BIG WINS!

Let’s have a little reflect on 2017 and what it has bought to you?

- What did you enjoy most?

- What did you learn?

- What could you have changed and why?

- What are you going to aim for this year that you didn’t quite reach in 2017?

Whatever your answers are to the above, no matter how unique or “dull and boring” they may seem, it’s your chance to take them hand in hand and use them to your advantage. Use them to grow your business, develop your confidence and reach your ultimate dreams!

Below are some quick tips from us here at The Wedding Business Circle to apply into your everyday routine. They will help avoid overwhelming stress and those un-needed burn outs!

1. Practice a system and get really, REALLY good at it!

We are talking about the WAY you work. How organised you are and how you get stuff done.

There is no better feeling than ticking off those terrifying big tasks or those small niggly things you’ve had on your to do list for months.

We would recommend getting organised and creating a structured system of how you work, how you organise the load and how to stay on track.

Have you tried our FREE wedding business download “The Organisation Bundle” yet? Visit the link here to download this brilliant freebie and get to work on organising your life, business and mind.

2. Learn how to delegate and share the load

We all have that “control freak” element inside of us. Especially when it comes down to our own businesses, because after all, it’s our baby! You think you can do it all, you TRY to do it all, but ultimately, this is where most of your overwhelm and stress stems from.

Regardless of how long you’ve been running for and how much money you have, there is no excuse to not being able to delegate some work! Even if it’s just your partner or family and friends who help with some admin or marketing aspects when needed, it will certainly lift a huge weight from your shoulders.

If you do have a little extra cash behind you, then why not hire a PA/VA to work on any aspects you aren’t quite confident with, or feel you don’t have time for such as social media content, marketing, accounts and book keeping. Even if it’s just for a few hours a week, this will create more time for YOU to work on the business more.

3. Become consistent in your marketing strategies

We are all guilty for this one… We are far too impatient to see if something works and you don’t get the results you would recieve if you “stuck at it”.

You’ve given up on social media advertising because you didn’t get a booking within 1 week of trying. You only tried that bridal magazine advert once because you didn’t get as much as interest as you had expected. You have only tried 1 wedding show because the one single fayre you attended only 4 brides showed up.

You NEED to be consistent. You NEED to try, and you NEED to have more patience. Just because something didn’t work for you the first time doesn’t quite mean it won’t work for you in the future. Research more, ask questions, find out WHY perhaps it didn’t work this time round, tweak it and try again.

4. Review your work, your goals and your achievements

This is vital when running a business.

Every 3 months you should be reviewing where you are at in your wedding business, not just in general, but get down and in depth with your ideal couples, social media, your accounts, your marketing, future goals and past wins. It also gives you a frequent “freshen up” every now and then to help keep your mind focused on your main goals and objectives.

5. Celebrate often

One thing we don’t often do is celebrate! Even if it’s the smallest of wins that just deserves a pat on the back to yourself whilst sat in the office. Completing your accounts or tidying up your office yes, is a pretty small win, but the positive results of these tasks heavily impacts your business, your mindset and your workload. It deserves to be noticed and celebrated.

Grab a glass of bubbles with your partner, buy an extra pack of chocolates from the supermarket or go out for dinner as a special occasion, it’s well deserved!

We often love sharing our wins with the group and we heavily encourage everyone too as well. A new booking, that advert you placed received a fantastic response or you’ve just hired a new member to your team. No matter how big or small the win is, it’s worth sharing and it is worth CELEBRATING! Have you had a recent win you'd like to share? Visit the group today and let us know >>

6. Learn something new and often

Self-development is vital in being able to allow your wedding business to flourish and grow. Be sure to go out of your way at least once a month to learn a new skill or piece of knowledge you wouldn’t have normally looked to learn. This could be through courses, reading through industry specific blogs or even on membership sites or groups.

7. Join a community or members group

Not only do groups help network and collaborate with other wedding professionals, you can also learn so much from these people helping grow your wedding business.

If you aren’t a part of our free Facebook group yet then please feel free to join as it’s is ALWAYS full of new and exciting aspects to learn >>> also have our Members club that is exclusive and packed full of amazing business bundles on assorted topics, downloads and a fantastic community of like minded professionals. If the doors aren't open feel free to sign up on our waiting list to keep updated with launch dates >>>

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