Work/Life Balance as a Wedding Business Owner

Updated: May 21, 2020

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With 2 young and very energetic kids (3 including the pup!) and the business to run amongst many other tasks, jobs and projects, life can get pretttttttty crazy.

Do you feel the same?

  • Wedmin

  • Work

  • Weddings

  • Housework

  • Being a friend

  • Being a family person

  • Being a partner/husband/wife

  • Being a parent

  • Son/daughter/Sister/Brother

  • Heck even the pets need attention!!!

All of these things "To Do" or "To Be" whilst juggling a business too can get so, so overwhelming and we all get times where we just wish we could run away and hide for an entire lifetime.

Have you felt like this?

First, let's get a few things clear.

We all get this. You are NOT alone.

The most important thing you should do whilst running your own business, especially in this fast-paced wedding industry, is to ensure you create a happy medium and a routine that will suit not only everyone around you like your family and friends, but most importantly. YOU.

Your business is YOU. Without it, it is nothing, so your priority is looking after your health, both mentally and physically.

Make sure you have downtime, space to breathe otherwise it suddenly seems like you are suffocating and this is when mistakes are made, relationships are strained and your world seems to fall apart. You need to create a healthy balance.

How do I do this exactly I hear you ask?

Well, personally, I swear by my systems, steps and "rules".

By simply being organised and scheduling in what needs to be done, being firm with yourself and learning to get into the routine of your own personal systems and steps will change your entire world!

- Stop stressing about the little things, set 3 tasks per day or every few days depending on the time frame you have to work on your business. Get rid of the long to do list you have in front of you every day. Set your workload in stages in priority order.

- Learn to say NO to friends and family if you are busy. If you have a few hours of work scheduled in, simply say you can't make that coffee but arrange a time you are free when you can. Feeling guilty and leaving your work for a few hours may not seem a big deal but if you NEED to get it done, say no. If you were in a full-time job somewhere in an office you wouldn't be able to get up and leave so treat your business as the same.

- Make time for your friends outside of work. Make the effort to go to social outings and meet ups. Sometimes just letting your hair down for a few hours or an evening makes your entire world seem so much less stressful. This includes date nights too with the other half, spend time and MAKE time for one another.

- Exercise (Something I personally need to work on!!!). I tell myself every week that exercise makes me feel so much better and energised when I get around to doing it. I wake up looking forward to the day and I also LOVE myself more! Works a treat.

- Get organised. Whether you are a stationery addict like me or if you haven't owned a whiteboard in your life, get some systems together. Create some timetables to work on and get organised with your work life AND family life. It will clear your head and take away so much stress. Trust me.

These are just a few of my systems and rules, everyone creates their own and has their own unique style. Some you may like, others you won't. But I think they are great and work for me personally.

So what's next? You create these rules and organise these timetables, but do you have to use them religiously? Well, try your best. Do I stick to my own all of the time? Hell no! Life get's hectic and in the way of me being the organised freak I love to be, but this happens to EVERYONE.

But when I am on top form with my calendars, diaries, to do lists and every notebook I love to use, life is much more of a breeze. (NEVER perfect may I add, because nothing ever is). But, I feel at my best, I feel in control and I even LOVE my job that bit more when I am at my best.

So feeling a little overwhelmed and at a lost cause?

Get organised, clear your mind. Take a day or 2 out if possible and refresh and revive your entire mindset. Life is much easier, more fun and less stressful when you work out a schedule.

Work / Life balance is super important and one of the main things you should focus on to ensure you have a healthy business and more important, a healthy you.

Do you have any tips or pointers on mindset and being organised with your business? Let us all know in the Facebook group >>>

<3 xx

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