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I had a very long career as a Materials Controller and due to a change of circumstances, it was necessary to make quite a drastic career change. Many years ago, I began dabbling in Social Media whilst working in another industry and found that not only did I get results but I absolutely loved it and I have made it my mission to find out as much as possible to share with others!  Meg and I have been running The Wedding Business Circle since 2017, and alongside this, I also speak to groups of small business about the use of  Social Media in their business as part of training and CPD days run by other organisations and well as running online and in-person training for small businesses.






How Can I help you?


Social Media can be a real stressor for a small business, particularly in the Wedding Industry.  How are YOU going to stand out?  How are you going to attract more likes and followers that convert to bookings?  It's all about understanding the tool you are using and how to get the best out of it.  I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis or on training days.


Where does my social media knowledge come from?


It would be fair to say that I spend A LOT of time on Social Media, (possibly too much).  I am always on the lookout for the latest changes and experimenting with different ways of getting results. I am also a member of some Industry Leading Forums which ensures I am always up to date or even know in advance of a planned change, which allows me to share that knowledge with you, empowering you and your business.



What do I enjoy most?


I love teaching!  I absolutely love seeing the faces of clients when it all "clicks" and they can see things for themselves, it's like handing them a magic key.  I have found that my clients can feel quite pressure from it and that shouldn’t be the case.   When you own and run your own business certain aspects shouldn't cause negativity.


Why did I choose the Wedding Industry?


It was a bit of an accident really, but it’s an industry that I understand very well, I've been in the industry for over five years and really understand the pressures of owning a wedding business and making it work as a business owner.  That means when it comes to social media, I understand exactly what will and wont work for you.   I do still work with other small businesses as 1-2-1 clients on on mixed training days.

Regular Questions 

Previous Clients

Around a year ago we were struggling with our Facebook page. We’d lost our way and was finding it difficult to produce original content and also reaching the correct audience. We reached out to Victoria and she gave us invaluable one to one tuition to develop and grow our Facebook page.


Since working with Vic our engagement and reach have improved and that means more bookings. If you need advice and guidance and would like to improve your business social media profile using Victoria is a no brainer. It WILL make a difference!


Neil & Deb Atkinson  - Neil Atkinson Wedding Photography April 2019



Victoria designed and developed my wellbeing business page, she did a fabulous job, really understanding my business & what I wanted.  She has great knowledge of social media and design.  I also went on her course for Facebook Advertising for Beginners, she is an excellent trainer, I really enjoyed the course  & learnt a lot.  I can highly recommend her.

Melanie Kelly - MK Wellbeing February 2020

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